Today we had the pleasure of welcoming two of our lovely customers at our Hydrotherapy Centre,  Andrew and Olivia.

Andrew who is supported by Creative Support came along with Jon. Jon and Andrew had time to leave us a lovely review before they left,

“Really  nice, clean & professional place, Andrew really likes the Hydro. The staff are very friendly and accommodating and he gets a lot from the sessions on a Friday, think we’ll be coming for a long time”.

Our afternoon session is always a joy with Olivia because she always has a great big smile for us. She looks forward to the poolside music just as much as she looks forward to having a play in the pool.

We are on a roll today because mum Gemma left us our second positive review of the day,

“We have been coming to hydro for several months now, our little girl loves it, the pool is amazing and we always have lots of fun. The staff are fantastic, so kind and friendly and very helpful.

Thank you for making us feel so welcome every week and for putting the biggest smile ever on our daughters face.

Gemma, Olivia- Mae & Family x”


What a fabulous end to a busy week!

The Hydro Team