During Lockdown one of our lovely staff at the bungalow had the fabulous idea to do renovate the bungalow garden. We recruited one of our drivers with a knack for DIY to build us a new gate. 

The group at the bungalow collected pebbles whilst out doing activities. After accumulating a large collection, Dee (one of our Team Leaders) had the great idea to paint them all as insects, bees, ladybirds and beetles. Everyone from Oakdene has painted their own pebble,  which have been cemented into the base of the wall. All staff helped to remove the greenery that was there originally, and one staff member donated a cement mixer to complete the job.

We have since added a small water feature to add the finishing touches

We have a lovely new seating area made out of pallets completed by Chris one of our Drivers. The ‘bungalow crew’ completed the job by painting it in a lovely grey colour which is autism friendly.

The wall is now a delightful sensory area for the individuals we support at the bungalow. Kai  painted the wonderful Manchester Bee which now takes pride of place as the main feature above our sensory wall.  Some of our parents chipped in and donated some Derbyshire paving  flags. So all in all a fantastic group effort from the whole service.

We are very proud of it – well done to all the people we support, our parents and our staff  for this great team effort!