Oakdene Day Centre Testimonial

“ My son is my pride and joy and he is doing so well here. He has settled beautifully because of what staff are doing and the people we are.  Staff  just ‘get’ him!  I never regret the fight I put up to get him to Oakdene and I realise that every week that he is here”



Silverdene Residential Home Testimonial

“I honestly don’t know how to start to thank you all for the loving care that you gave ……. I wish I could tell the media about Silverdene, how you all love your work and give so much to residents. I know other than being with me my child was her happiest with you all”

Thank you



Vestacare Hydrotherapy Centre Review

“Danny has been coming to the hydro for a good year, it has helped with her confidence, helped her weight loss and all in all been a very enjoyable experience. Staff are great and always on hand to help. Thank you.”