Diana and Sarah, from a local business, have made links with Vestacare, and have become involved in some of our activity sessions.

For mother’s day, they brought a selection of biscuits and decorative toppings, and a group from PMC, Oakdene and Silverdene got together to participate in this activity.


The biscuit decorating session was enjoyed by all, and everyone took home two lovely decorated biscuits to give to their mum for Mother’s Day.


It was a great opportunity for all of our services to get together round the big table at PMC and have a natter and get to know each other.

The staff from the funeral service made the session fun.


Everyone who participated in the activity were also given an Easter egg to take home.


Big thanks to Dianne and Maggie who organised this along with Maggie’s daughter who works at the funeral directors. Diana said “ We really enjoyed being able to spend some quality time with the service users and staff. We would love to get more involved if we are able.”