Vestacare recognises that our staff teams enthusiasm and motivational skills are key in improving peoples quality of life. Our staff ensure people are able to contribute in a range of ways which are meaningful to them, and enable participation in every aspect of planning, monitoring and developing of their service.

  • Alana Haddock

    Alana Haddock

    Team Leader
  • Christine Parry

    Christine Parry

    Senior Support Worker
  • Eliana Da Silva

    Eliana Da Silva

    Senior Support Worker
  • Della Conway Williams

    Della Conway Williams

    Senior Support Worker
  • Kim Williamson

    Kim Williamson

    Senior Support Worker
  • Lisa Fearon

    Lisa Fearon

    Senior Support Worker
  • Danny Hughes

    Danny Hughes

  • Dianne Newell

    Dianne Newell

  • Dee O’Reilly

    Dee O’Reilly

    Senior Support Worker
  • Diane Green

    Diane Green

    Transport Manager
  • Lesley Calvert

    Lesley Calvert

    Team Leader
  • Wendy Barrow

    Wendy Barrow

    Deputy Manager
  • Denise Green

    Denise Green

    Manager Silverdene Residential Home
  • Ann Connolly

    Ann Connolly

    Head of Operational Services
  • Nicole Lowrey

    Nicole Lowrey

    Manager Hydrotherapy Centre
  • Vivienne Loftus

    Vivienne Loftus

  • Jackie Newman

    Jackie Newman

    Head of Administration
  • Colette Lowrey

    Colette Lowrey

    Head of Catering and Housekeeping